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          Balloon Catheter
          Gusta® PTCA Balloon Dilatation Catheter
          Semi-Compliant Balloon Dilatation Catheter
          Product Introduction (Click on the contents introduction to display the corresponding pictures on the left)

          Tapered Tip Design Proving Smooth Transition

          Low Crossing Profile, Optimal Re-folding Performance for Accessing the Difficult Lesions

          Patent Hydrophilic Coating Allows Smooth Tracking and Retrieving

          Radiopaque Marker for Fluoroscopic Guidance

          Product Properties

          Gusta? Semi-Compliant Balloon Dilatation Catheter

          Balloon Diameter (mm)

          Balloon ? Length (mm)
          1.25 DBC1210DBC1215DBC1212--
          1.50 DBC1510DBC1515DBC1520DBC1525DBC1530
          2.00 DBC2010DBC2015DBC2020DBC2025DBC2030
          2.25 DBC2210DBC2215DBC2220DBC2225DBC2230
          2.50 DBC2510DBC2515DBC2520DBC2525DBC2530
          2.75 DBC2710DBC2715DBC2720DBC2725DBC2730
          3.00 DBC3010DBC3015DBC3020DBC3025DBC3030
          3.25 DBC3210DBC3215DBC3220DBC3225DBC3230
          3.50 DBC3510DBC3515DBC3520DBC3525DBC3530

          Note: DBC1212 is a Gusta? balloon catheter with a diameter of 1.25mm and a length of 12mm.

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