Best Bed for Side Sleepers: Which One should I Pick?

Thursday, January 4th, 2018 - Home & Living

Having the best bed for side sleepers is one of the reasons why people have to be thankful for. When sleeping is the best thing to do after the exhausting and draining hours of working, it is totally necessary to find the best bed for people to lie down and sleep.

Apparently, people might put aside on the importance of the suitable bed. Well, for common people it will never make a big fuss about it. In contrast, most of the people who are side sleepers, they should seek for the best product to gain the satisfaction while you are seeping.
best bed for side sleepers

These days, more and more mattress manufacturers are hurriedly competing on producing the bed for side sleepers. They are listed based on the features such as the comfort, the material, the thickness and else.

Some people consider having the best bed as the investment for the 20 years usage. Due to some specific preferences, you need to know which bed comes out as the best bed or mattress especially for those side sleepers.

Saatva Innerspring Mattress

best mattress for side sleepers
This bed available for the side sleepers offers the buyers to have the 120 night trial period and 15 years warranty. Its top cover is the Euro pillow, thin layer of memory foam in a high quality, individual wrap coil layer, and also steel coil base. This mattress enables the flexible movement while sleeping or taking a rest.

When you are looking for the best option with quite high cost, this Saatva Innerspring Mattress is highly preferable. This product is sold beyond the highest quality.

For the side sleepers who only sleep on one side or the other, the total weight must be doubled. In this case, Saatva will fit into the weight because it can manage to 300 pounds for individual weight. Its durability will get your satisfaction beyond your standard. The top cover cotton pillow will support the sleeping on one side better. Meanwhile, this product has very little cooling properties.

Helix Hybrid Mattress

best bed for side sleepers with back pain
Compared to Saatva, it offers less warranty which is only 10 years and also 100 night trial period. Helix divides the layers into three. They are the Helix dynamic foam, pocketed micro coils, and also poly memory foam base.

One thing about hybrid mattress is that it comes out altogether and it can be risky when you separated each single material. The second and the third layers of Helix hybrid mattress are to promote and provide the best support for the side sleepers so that they can find their best comfort.

For your information, Helix got the idea of making the firmness of this hybrid mattress by using the special algorithms theory poured into reality. Helix wanted to make the firmness based on specific position of sleeping. The good points about this mattress are it will reduce the back pain of the sleepers. It accommodates sleeping partners. However, the cover of this mattress is very thin and it seems to be prone to bunching. These are the two recommended bed / mattress for side sleepers.