Cerasee Tea Side Effects: How Shocking!

Thursday, January 25th, 2018 - Nutrition

Cerasee tea side effects will be experienced by the people who consume the bitter melon without the concern of the medical experts of the physicians. When something provides you with the benefits, there must be the side effects to get along with.

There is no way that you can only take the benefits without bringing along the negative effects. Jamaican cerasee (momordica charantia) can be somehow eaten by cooking, fresh eating, or making it into juice. Although there are not flocks of people who prefer eating it in fresh, most people prefer cooking it to reduce its bitter taste.
side effects of drinking cerasee tea

Bitter Gourd Juice Benefits
Bitter Gourd Juice Side Effects

As cerasee or karela or bitter gourd tea has been popular as the one that is able to decrease the blood level of sugar, sometimes people misunderstand of thinking that it can treat the diabetes. This is actually wrong because it has no ability in self treating the diabetes. Let’s get started by figuring out the side effects of cerasee tea.
cerasee tea side effects

Lead to coma

Cerasee tea of bitter melon is actually a good way to lower the level of the blood glucose. However, cerasee tea doesn’t totally work out in satisfying and trusted way. It can be beneficial though but you can’t 100 percent trust it as the one without the side effects.

When its function is to lower the level of the blood glucose but yours is already too low, the blood sugar can drop too much and it can lead to coma. The worst case is that you can experience death when the blood sugar level keeps dropping. As a suggestion, it would be better if you consume the cerasee tea in the suggested amount by the doctor or medical experts to avoid death.

Suffer from liver disease

cerasee tea
Cerasee tea can actually be consumed once in a while. When it is consumed for a long time for controlling diabetes in your body, apparently it can increase the risk of having liver inflammation. The bitter melon tea won’t damage the tissue of the liver but in time the enzymes of the liver will lose its functions.

It is okay when you want to consume the cerasee tea but as a suggestion you can have your liver enzymes checked by the medical doctor for the safer liver. If you are suffering from liver, hepatitis, or HIV AIDS, you should not consume cerasee tea for getting rid of the side effects.

Provoke allergic

karela bitter gourd bitter melon tea side effects
Related to the cerasee tea, people can experience an allergic that is called favism. Favism is an allergic caused by cerasee tea which later causes back pain, nausea, diarrhea, stomach ulcers, jaundice, vomiting, and also coma.

Although cerasee tea is found as a beneficial but only adults are permitted to consume it while children shouldn’t. It is because cerasee tea can be toxic and it could be quite serious.

If you are pregnant, it would be better living off without it because people will lose their fertility and their muscles would be weak. It is not something good for the pregnant women to have. The consumption of cerasee tea can’t be combined with medical prescription and also other prescription as well reminding how dangerous the cerasee tea side effects.