Bitter Gourd Karela Juice Side Effects & Being Extra Careful

Friday, January 19th, 2018 - Nutrition

Although karela juice is said to deliver a lot of health benefits, be aware of the so-called karela juice side effects. Surprisingly, this bitter gourd veggie has become everyone’s favorite because of the health benefits. But you should be aware that they can deliver side effects despite all the healthy perks.
side effects of karela juice

About Karela
There are basically a lot of names of this veggie, from bitter melon, bitter gourd, and so much more. It is basically a part of melons family. In Hindi, it is called Karela. In the old days, many disliked it so much because of the bitterness. But now, since the benefits and nutrients have been revealed, it has become a favorable veggie.

Thanks to the rich vitamins and nutrients, people now turn to karela for the health advantages. For instance, karela has a high level of beta carotene and iron – twice as much of those found in broccoli. Not to mention that karela also contains potassium, much higher than the ones found in banana, and also calcium – higher than those found in spinach.
side effects of bitter melon bitter gourd juice

The Health Benefits
So, what are the benefits of karela juice, anyway?

  • It helps with diabetes. Bitter gourd juice is believed to help lowering the blood sugar level, thanks to the combination of peptides, alkaloids, and also saponins. Moreover, karela juice is good to treat insulin secretion as well as preventing the sudden increase and drop of the blood sugar level.
  • It helps with cancer. This juice contains a special and unique chemical, 16 dehydroxy, which will protect and prevent cells from being cancerous.
  • It helps with increased immunity. Karela juice contains natural antioxidants that will improve the body’s immunity system. Thanks to this trait, you can prevent any health complications or issues.

The Possible Side Effects

karela juice side effects
Despite all the great and healthy benefits, you should be aware of possible side effects, which include:


This bitter melon is believed for causing the increasing menstrual flow as well as contraction. Lactating women should also avoid consuming this because of the possibility of other negative effects – although there hasn’t been any scientific evidence about it.

Drug interaction

Although this juice can be helpful for your health, it can interfere with your medication. In fact, when you combine the juice with drugs, it will actually reduce the blood sugar level quite drastically, which can result in negative effect. Despite the fact that this juice is said to be helpful for diabetic people, you should consult your doctor first before consuming the juice.

Irregular heartbeat

A study was conducted involving a healthy and young male without any cardio or irregular heartbeat symptoms or problems or history. After drinking the juice, he suffered from irregular heartbeat, which can lead to blood pooling in one side of your heart. If this happens, blood clots can happen, leading to heart attack and stroke.

Be sure to consult the doctor before consuming the juice. Giving it to children should be avoided because it can lead to diarrhea and vomiting. This juice may be beneficial but it shouldn’t be given recklessly, especially with the obvious side effects of karela juice.