Kiwi Benefits and Side Effects

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018 - Nutrition

Kiwi benefits and side effects are two inseparable things. The benefits and the side effects will never come alone. When you want to consume kiwi, you have to deal with the advantage as well as the negative effects.

Kiwi is one of the plants which can produce fruit. This kind of fruit is able to be used as both food and medicine.
kiwi benefits and side effects

Uses of Kiwi

Medically speaking, kiwi is believed as a fruit that can treat asthma well. For the food, kiwi can be used to make the meat becomes tender. However, it doesn’t even break the law if you want to eat the kiwi as a fruit. Let’s get started from the benefits of kiwi:

Cure asthma

When people have problems with asthma, it means that they have something wrong with the lungs. By consuming kiwi once or twice in a week, the lungs function will get improved thus the risk of experiencing asthma will be reduced too.
benefits and side effects of eating kiwi

Manage the blood pressure

Kiwi contains high level potassium. This potassium is used to make the balance of the electrolytes by doing counteract of sodium’s effects. When the electrolytes are too high or too low, the body will be weak and unable to do things properly. By having the balance level of blood pressure, people will be healthier.

Protect the DNA

Kiwi has antioxidant in a large amount. It is aimed to protect all of the DNA cells so that they won’t be able to be damaged. When the cell DNA is prone to oxidative damage, the antioxidant found in kiwi will be able to protect it.
kiwi uses and side effects

Boost immunity

People are sometimes sick and unwell due to the changing weather. When the extreme changing weather happens, they will be unable to stand strong against the illness. Thus when you have strong immune system, your body will be able to fight for it. Kiwi is said as a fruit that has high level of vitamin C which is able to boost the immunity in people’s bodies.

Weight Loss

Kiwi has high fiber content. Thus the fat won’t be stored because the fiber has protected the body from the tons of fat. It can be concluded that the kiwi supports the weight loss diet plan too.

Negative Effects of Kiwi

kiwi health benefits and side effects
Apart from its beneficial functions, kiwi also has its side effects. Kiwi can create such problems of hives, dysphagia, and also vomiting. Kiwi can create some kinds of allergic reactions.

It occurs when people suffer from similar allergic to avocado, hazelnut, birch pollen, rye, wheat, and also sesame seed. When you find that you are allergic to one of those, then you will encounter the same allergic reaction to kiwi.

If you have bleeding disorder, the theory claims that it is quite probable to kiwi to worsen the bleeding disorder gets worse. Kiwi is also prohibited to be consumed by the people who are going to be under surgery. Thus, when they want to have a surgery, they need to avoid consuming kiwi at least fortnightly before the scheduled time. These are what the people should know about the kiwi uses and side effects.